first of may


today is may 1st 2008, thursday,…there’s a labour demonstration in front of Istana Negara.


has just finished working on 10 pages of Arsitektur 4D book…


farrel cried so bad that he had made his lip bleeding. he’s just one year old, but looked like a man who  just went down from a boxing ring.


it’s red and a little salty when you suck it…even a little kid knew it.


stephen hawking’s book: The Theory of Everything…i can say it’s quite a light reading for a physics book. he’s talking about Arsitoteles, Ptolemy, Kepler, Galilei, Hubble,,Big Bang theory, solar system, milky way, relativity…reading all of these things, even in a light-reading package, made my brain worked really hard.


today is a holiday…work work work!

ice cream

white cream topping with chocochips and chocolate cream plus berry jam underneath it..all wrapped by chocolate waffel…and it’s cold of course…mmm yyyuuummmmmyyy! ice cream always makes me feel good.


let’s do the crop, the brush, and copy paste thing…

star wars

george lucas is a brilliant!

 teaching assistant

“hi, how’re you? i have questions about this week’s assignment…” of course he did have questions. if not, he wouldn’t make the call. “Ok, thanks. now i know what to do. have a nice holiday.” 


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