Happy National Education Day today!!! i dunno…do people take it as a big deal? anyway, i think we gotta give (at least a little) respect for Ki Hajar Dewantara for all his fights for the sake of our national education around 70 years ago…


starwars has got 6 episodes…skywalker family is the key of the whole story.


mampang is an area that connects Ragunan and Kuningan. the traffic on the street is oftenly heavy, especially during the rush hours, the traffic jam can be kilometers long…i think because it has so many traffic lights with street crossings. however, it has quite many escapes, just make sure you know the ways or at least bring a jakarta map with you…the Trans Jakarta quite help, but the crowd is just aweful and exhausting during rushhours too. and about the landmark? KFC, balai kartini, imigration office, and the market are buildings that will guide you drive along the street…

mie ayam

what a delicious chicken noodle (mie ayam) i had for lunch today 


solus per aqua means healthy by water…so water or spesifically the steam is the essence of a place called spa. this tradition is thousands of years old, since the Roman time. the army used to be back from the battle and recharge their condition by doing spa. as time goes by now we know several types of spa: day spa, destination spa, medical spa, and so on. and today (at least here), there’re more types of day spa: exclusive spa, common-people spa, moslemah spa, spa “plus-plus”…basically you can find them anywhere here in jakarta. you can search it through internet. but if you’re interested in spa design or need some more reference…just hold on until the end of this month, (hopefully) my (and my friend izza)’s book about spa will be published. self promotion it is!!


i think i always have a reason to come back there…i dunno, maybe because i just love being one of them…Pers Suara Mahasiswa UI…visit



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