just saturday


KOPAJA bus destination: Pasar Minggu-Cipulir…via Buncit-Ampera-Benda-Puri Mutiara-Antasari-Wijaya. IDR 2.000,-

broke up

last night my friend said she has broken up with his boyfriend, which is also my friend. she was okay. they looked okay, seemed to still get along with each other well. i wouldn’t know if she hadn’t told me about their situation.


when the electricity went off, people were worried. there’s no water…but they need it to bath, to wash, to cook, to drink, to pup, to pee, etc. when there’s no electricity, there’s no water. there’s no water, the life stops. 


the motorcycle suddenly appear and stop right before my leg. i swear i didn’t see it coming. pretty shocking, it was. 


Bengkel Penulisan Novel (workshop of writing novel) held by Dewan Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Art Council) takes place at MP Book Point, Jeruk Purut-Cipete. the class start at 2 and end usually at 4.30, every saturday. it’s been about 1,5 month and will last until may 31st 2008. Yusi Pareanom and AS Laksana as the tutors.

peel off

the dead skin of my face are peeling off. 


it’s all began with the plastic woman from a circus who fell in love with a handsome and clever bank robber leader> the woman run away from the circus to live with her bank robber boy friend> the circus owner got furious and paid some men to search for her and bring her back> she helped her boy frien robbed some banks, they made a great success> the police search for them> they in a run!> the circus owner used the woman’s lost child to threatened her> the woman and her boy friend tried to rescue the kid> the police made some moves> the woman and her boy friend arrange some plans to rescue the kid without getting caught both by the circus owner and the police> the police got the circus owner while the woman, her boy friend, and her kid had found their way to escape.   


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