so monday


“why did you just give me B+ instead of an A or A- ?”


this morning, when i just came into the class…one of the students just said, “Kak, kok hari ini keliatan lebih putih mukanya?lebih cerah gitu…” (Hey, why is it your face seems to look brighter today?)..then i said, “Oh, i didn’t stay up late last night. i had enough sleep.”   


this chubby ring-shaped cake has chocolate topping, sugar cream and cereal topping…the others are just full-circle-shaped cake with melon or lemon or strawberry jam inside it…they’re all too sweet.


i thought i saw something there…but apparently there’s nothing there, nothing like i had seen seconds before…oh no.


i took the baby fishes out of the refrigerator then move to the sink (about 8 steps to front). i put them there while i move to take some utensils (heading about 8 steps to the right) and then go back to wash the baby fish. i dried them there then i took a pan and move to the stove area(about 2 steps to the left) then put the pan on one of the stoves, pour the coconut oil on it, then move back to the sink to pick up the baby fishes, after that i fried them and when it’s cooked, ready to be served……..what an inefficient kitchen! 


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