not yet have title


blue angkot destination Pasar Minggu-Cinere, but sometimes they turn right (instead of left) on Pasar Pondok Labu back to Pasar Minggu…via Kampung Kandang-Cilandak-TB Simatupang-Buncit-SMAN 28 (my high school ^_^)…IDR 1,500 for the nearest destination and IDR 3,500 for the farthest


it’s still early on wednesday and i’m already writing my blog

heavy rain

hope today we have a brighter day because the heavy rain strucked (most of) jakarta and depok yesterday…the rain was actually fine, but the thunder is always the problem


red angkot destination Pondok labu-Lenteng Agung via Kampung Kandang-Ragunan…IDR 1,500 for nearest destination, and IDR 3,000-3,500 the farthest 


i slept at 7 pm woke up at 9 pm …. watched TROY (planned to continue on my novel but got no idea at all) so back to sleep at 12.30 am woke up at 3.45 am ….just went pray then go back to sleep again at about 4 am woke up at 5.12 am …pray again … turned on my computer (planned to continue on my school final essay) but apparently fallen a sleep, so i turned it off, go to the bed again…finally woke up at 6 am…turned on my phone, got message from lusi then phoned her and after that turned on my computer again and now 6.38 am 


i missed posting my blog yesterday



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