fun and exhausting friday



KOPAJA 63 destination Depok-Blok M…via Margonda-Lenteng Agung-Simatupang freeway-Ampera-Antasari-Blok M terminal…IDR 2,500…the bus comes once in about 5-10mnts, most of the time fully loaded (sometimes even seems gonna blow up!)…caught in traffic jam: Margonda (evening) quite often, Lenteng Agung as always, Ampera (morning and evening) not very bad, Antasari is always the longest time.




my classmate having an exhibition and presentation about their last year Excursion to Tenganan Bali at MP Book Point (at Cipete) today…not so many people came, just us class year 2004, some 2005, few of 2006 and only saw 1 from class year 2007…imelda akmal came, “but it’s gonna be 8 so i’d better go back home now” 



iron man 


four of us watched Iron Man at 21 Cilandak (Town Square)…very entertaining movie, so cool…a very highly recommended to watch




today’s dinner is mushroom, carrot, corn, and tempe…supposed to be with fried shrimp, but i thought “just no shrimp today, thanks.”






i had french fries and a cup of hot chocolate at cafe Saqi for snack…IDR 21,000




i had scrambled egg and shrimp+vegetables soup for my dinner last night (at 10.30pm). i used to cook my own soup since i gave up my mom’s beef+vegetables soup (NOT because it’s not delicious, but because i’m no longer a meat eater…100% non meat eater for almost 3 years)…but since my mom has a very great love for me, now she always cooks two kind of soups if other members of the family requested the soup with beef because usually she just cooks the shrimp edition for everyone (thanks to me, hahaha)………..however, don’t ask me about the recepies for both the soup and the scramble because everything i do in the kitchen is just about experimenting ^_^”





i never call myself as a vegetarian…just a 100% non meat eater now (used to be only 70-90%). i don’t eat any kind of meat (flesh) anymore…but i tolerate chicken and duck and egg though always prefer seafood and vegetables and fruits…and still tolerate (chocolate) milk though now soy milk is more preferable…as i recall my memory, even from my earliest years of life, i never found myself as a meat lover,,,just don’t know why…and fortunately, it is said in a book that A blood type person is better be a vegetarian to have a more healthy life


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