red angkot destination Lebak Bulus-Pasar Minggu…via Pejaten-SMAN 28-(Mangga Besar)Buncit-Ampera-Cipete-Fatmawati…it’s quite rare and usually has only 4-6 passengers…IDR 3,000 (i never go from Ps.Minggu to Lebak Bulus with it)


it has ten long legs (tentacles) around its mouth, latin name: Loligo pealii…blue blodded creature…above all, squid is always my favourite menu…fried, grilled, contained in tom yam, fried rice, i fu mie, any kind,,,squids are always delicious  


i just arrived home and my mom welcomed me with saying, “I thought it was you who prayed in your room. (but you’re just arriving) so who was it?”…no one knows ={




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