oh, another monday


leon sebastian alberti was born in Genoa, Italy, february 14th 1404. famous as a humanist, author, artist, architect, philosopher, cryptographer. his very famous treatise in architecture was titled “De re aedificatoria” or translated as “On the art of building (in ten books)”  


my stomach feels like burning since this morning until now


an article for spa book gotta be submitted before tomorrow, 2 sketches for suara mahasiswa magazine gotta be submitted by tomorrow, a layout for arsitektur 4D book gotta be finished before the review on wednesday, novel draft gotta be sent on wednesday, and my final essay gotta have more writings by wednesday


you see the building, then you see the opening that allows you (yeah, you…human, not the light, not the smoke, not the animals, and so on) to enter the building.


i saw a half moon and very few stars on the night sky above


how could indonesian people not buy piracy products (dvds,cds,etc) ?? is not about the lack of appreciation, it’s more about the money…we need entertainment, but we can’t reach the price,,and entertainment is not only for the wealthy, right? poor people also have a right to hear their favourite singer’s new songs.


tuna is always delicous in any kind of cooked form: fried, balado, satay, grilled, burger, etc…


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