wednesday in fever


the temperature of your body is increased, but you yourself is feeling like you’re in a refrigerator.


when the boss was in, people was sticking their butts on their chairs, staring at their drawings on their computer screens or making themselves look busy with making some bussiness phone calls or printing things to be shown to the boss…but as soon as the boss took off, left the ofice for a meeting with clients, someone started to turn on a slow-rock song of Mr.Big, another one talked about his planning to resign, and the rest was chit-chating all the meaningless subject of talks, start from hot gossip of today’s infotainment to the-story-from-the-bed-last-night that made everybody who listened said, “Oooohh, we don’t wanna know anything about that!”


the heat was terrible from morning to afternoon that it’s burning your naked skin, but now it’s raining 


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