tofu is made from soya bean, rich in protein, appear in white or brown colored, in box or tube shaped…most of east and south east asian countries are familiar with tofu, each has its own special tofu…here, we have sumedang tofu. it’s crunchy and a bit salty, brown colored and box shaped, usually eaten just as simple as with green chilly…another similar to sumedang tofu is tofu/tahu gejrot,,,you really can’t miss this one, especially when you’re in bandung…so fresh, spicy, and can even make yourself be addicted…i’m not sure what the ingredients are, but one thing for sure, the sauce/spicy juice is the key of this menu, consist of garlic, onion, chilly, cooking acid, salt, sugar…and dont know what else.


having yourself in an uncertainty situation always sucks, doesn’t it? you keep waiting for something you don’t know what the end’s gonna be,,,and it’s tiring because your mind keeps wondering and wondering for the final words…uncertainties in carrier and education in the same time are already enough for making you nuts…what if it’s completed with your romance life? 


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