fry-day (depok was so hot today)


my stomach is getting better, it’s no more burning like hell.but i gotta keep maintaining my eating order and of course the menu…no junk food for this time around.


indonesia has to say bye to thomas cup…the team was defeated by korea for 3-0 !! what a very dissapointment!


i gotta hold my desire to eat junk food in order to get my stomach back to healthy…today, having lunch with my friends in their treat(!!) in a japanese fast food restaurant, i only had a delicious non-iced tomato juice while my friends were having chicken katsu, teriyaki,and so on…huhu, envied them a little but i was successfully held my desire

hang out

we hung out together today, the 6 of us…girls’ day…we watched “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince of Caspian” which i think was better than the 1st one but has become more amusing…and then we had lunch together…too bad lucy couldn’t come.


i start to feel like Popeye nowadays…spinach is always served on the menu, especially for me.


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