yesterday and today


KOPAJA 19, destination Ragunan-Tanah Abang…via Cipete-Prapanca-Wijaya-Blok M-Sisingamangaraja-Sudirman…IDR 2,000


there was a big girl sitting next to me on the bus yesterday, at that she’s already eating something like somay/batagor…when she’s finish, like most of indonesian, she just drop the plastick underneath the bus chair…she’s quiet for a while until the snack seller came and she bought a plastick of fried peanuts.


daija’s car is an old corolla, and there was 8 of us in there yesterday…daija was behind the steering wheel, berli’s next to her, while terry,me,masyi, and mussa was on the back seat. where’s mayang then?…..she was there, lying her tiny body on four us’ laps.


my today’s menu is boiled vegetables (kangkung, spinach, cabbage, beans) with peanut sauce…it’s something we call “pecel” …it’s combined with a spicy fish soup…and lots of water, not because i’m thirsty, but the sore throat is about coming back


8 of us: me,masyi,mussa,berli,tasya,daija,mayang,terry went to istora yesterday…to support our national uber cup team. the atmospher was so amazing. thousands of people in there,,,most of them wore red and white atributes: shirts, hats, posters, flag paintings on their chicks and some even painted their body…it feels very nasionalism when those thousands of people yelled: “indonesia!” or singing national anthems together…and having President Yudhoyono watching the game together with all us… too bad, indonesia lost. but most of us had been very supportive (unlike the footballs supporters,,but, there’re some who still had bad habits and been unsupportive) that when chinese team awarded by the uber cup, we gave a big applause.


my computer’s running almost the whole day today…


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