wednesday in imigration office


my uncle told me to meet mr.X and tell that mr.X that i’ve been refered by this mr.Z…there i was, did as i told. but there were 2 guys,so i waited…tik tok tik tok…after luch hour…i met this mr.X..and before i get too far, it was my very 1st experience in that little hectic crowded office…he checked on my application form,in the same time he complained in a very soft way that i should’ve come earlier this morning…then he left…then came a woman, asking me “where’re you going? how could you know mr.Z?” (she was also refered by the same mr.Z)…mr.x was back, telling that woman there’s a problem with her application, she had to have “surat kenal lahir” that could be registered in “catatan sipil”….that woman then asked “how could i get there? what should i do?”…then came a hilarious man saying “leve it to me, everything will be okay”…but of course, it’s not free….just in front of me, on the desk of mr.X…so many pink folders came and went, they’re about re-entry permit files for foreigners that had to be signatured by mr.X…i saw a name “saito mayumi” (if i’m not mistaken), saw a foto of a big woman from philipines…then i moved my sight to out of the room…employees were busy on their own desks, some busy checking files, some taking files from mr.X’s desk, some signaturing, a woman read “genie”, a man on the rear desk read a sport tabloid…just on the alley, people go back and forth….the 1st woman and her friend left, then came a nother woman..this one is older…she asked the same question “where’re you going? are you a student?blablabla” i answered her questions…then she said…”oh good. your parents must be proud. you know what, you must never forget your parents. you can be success thanks to their prayers…” she’s a bit preaching,,but that’s fine…mr.X then came and brought my file and told me to run to the 2nd floor for paying the administration fee…u know what, i think everything would’ve felt a lot better if that guy didn’t call me in only a minute after i gave him my file in the middle of the queue, it felt bad u know (though i was so grateful that i didn’t have to queue)…blabla, go here and there, taking picture in the “vvip service”, finger prints scanned…signed everything……….well, enough about me…………i sum up today as: connection and money always give you a way.


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