know better

if you want to know someone better, you gotta through hard times with that person…if you just share the laughs and all the joys,,,don’t ever think that you’ve known this person well, even if you have been hanging out with this person for years…believe me, you don’t know her/him yet

what i mean here is you gotta through times when you are both in a depress situation…people will only show the real them naturally when they’re in the middle of hard times,,in a depress situation…

the activities can be varied, but usually outdoor ones, such as camping or hiking or both(ooh believe me, it does show our true characters…a leader, a complainer…a poor health person…a very strong one…and so on), work on something that has deadline together (for example, do a school project, working on an event, joining a competition…etc)………….or accidently stuck in an unfortunate events, things like in the movies (trapped in the lift, trapped in a hijacked bus/plane/train, and so on)…………and so many other hard times

you gotta share the tears, the sweats, the hurts……..before saying i know this person well…se/he is someone i call friend/best friend/ bestest friend/ partner/ lover…

remember the old sayings said, “friend in need is a friend indeed.”  


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