Bengkel Penulisan Novel DKJ 2008 officially ended


yiiihhhhhhaaaaaaa…i got 4 books in one day! 2 of them i got for free………thanks to mas yusi for Susan Orlean’s Pencuri Anggrek (terjemahan. banana publisher. 2007), he gave this book for the whole class as a present…….thanks to asrinda for Jeffrey Eugenides’ the Virgin Suicides (terjemahan. dastan books. 2008), i got it from the gift-exchange……..and the other two are english novel we copied from mas yusi: Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love and Colum McCann’s Dancer…….yuhuuu, i think my holiday won’t be boring at all 


it was my first time to step on a famous youth spot in jakarta: taman ismail marzuki…… there from cikini train station by ojek (IDR 5000), got of right in front of TIM 21 theater (now playing: juno, nim’s island, indiana jones , and …i forgot the last one)…go up stairs straight to DKJ’s office, just right upper floor of the cinema


Bengkel Penulisan Novel DKJ 2008 is probably officially ended today, but everything we have together will remain in the heart and mind of each of us…the experience, the knowledge, and the friendship…it is not over,,no, hopefully never…the closing took place at Dewan Kesenian Jakarta’s office,,those who were present: wulan, jeannete, mba wiwin, mba sitta, reno, widya, fina, juwita, asrinda, regina, windry, aryo, aldi, me (came late), and wahyu (later than me)…and of course our instructors: mas yusi pareanom and mas sulak aka a.s. laksana…and were also present mba nukila and mas zen…last but not least the beloved mba angka (ooh, i’m still in debt to her!)…….we share our opinion about the class, the teaching, the curriculum, and so many things that we have all experienced for 12 meetings (about 3 months, we started at march 15th)………..then when it was officially closed by mas zen, the class did gift-exchange, had pizza and coke, then took pictures together!!…………huhuhu, i think i’m gonna miss them all, the class, and the routinity of going to mp book point every saturday noon. 


it took me a lot of courage to get into the economic train (IDR 1,500) all by my self..ooh, i missed the economic air conditioned train…so there i were, in a train heading to TIM, thankfully it wasn’t so crowded and i could get a seat………fortunately, i had juwita accompany me on the way back home from TIM, she’s heading bogor…we took economic AC train (IDR 6,000) at around half past six pm,,it was quite crowded, juwita and i were standing and an old woman just sat on the floor because no one was gentle and kind enough to give her a seat 


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