one day vacation


if you have a piece of land and you don’t have any plan yet to build anything on it…maybe this will be an inspiration:…make it productive by planting some productive plants, such as bean, cucumber, potato, rambutan, etc….plant some big trees, such as durian tree, rambutan tree, manggo tree, etc…….cover the soil with proper grass…..plant some flowers with different colors, better have a landscape expert to make it a beatiful garden………then you can spend time with your family there for a vacation……….build a simple shelter, toilet, provide also shower (in case someday you’ll do a family camping there), and a warehouse for storage tools and other equipments……….then if your kids like to play the sand (on the beach) you can make your own sand pool…or if your kids like to swim, just bring the big rubber pool for them to swim,,,just put it under the trees and let them having fun in the water under the sky

plantation plant some productive plants, or at least spare the land for those plants to be planted

build a toilet, shower, n storage build a simple building for toilet, shower, n storage

the sand pool have your own sand pool



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