just finished giving scores


i had more than 12 logbooks to examine from yesterday morning until this afternoon…….Gee, it’s not the number of them that made me nuts,,,it was what in those logbooks, their works…well, some of them were good, but some other…i had to be very patient and full of positive thoughts when checking them, otherwise there’re gonna be Ds and Cs here and there


apart from their lazyness on doing the assignments,,,i like these 12 juniors of mine, one class…heterogenous characters, but above all, they’re kind…(at least to me, much more than i’ve ever expected at first time)…being a teaching assistant while yourself is still a student is a little hard, i mean for the professionalism, because on one side you have to be their teaching assistant, examining their works, give them scores….but on another side, you just wanna be a good senior, or even a good friend, especially if most of the 12 people dont really know many people around them and other seniors which can be very helpful…however now, the class is over,just hopefully we all can still be friends


for the last…maybe two months…my eyes have so many times accidently catch twin numbers on my digital clock on my cellphone: 21.21, 09.09, 14.14, 20.20, 11.11……..why?? dont know, maybe just a coincident


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