thank God you’re here

lame memory

lucy and i were on the way back from the office, were on angkot 61 (pasar Minggu-Cinere)…there was a woman in front of us,,,so it’s 3 of us in there….the woman asked me about the cost, then we told her it’s around 2,000-2,500 but better prepared for 2,500……she was holding a plastic with a box of dunkin’ donuts inside and another hand holding a cup…then she told us, pleasurely, that she looses (leaves) her belongings in angkot very often…it was a 3kg of biji ketapang and some other kilos of nuts…once her sensus notes she had worked all day…..and the whole books on the way to college….Gee, what a lame memory……………….hope mine is not that bad


i was there, waiting for an angkot when a neighbor who was on the way somewhere asked me to take a lift on her car


mmm…4 pieces of pizza for lunch…rounded thin bread with topping: thousand-island, chicken, pepper, and cheese…served together with garlic breads and coke……IDR 21,000


damn! i was holding a 1344-page book of S,M,L,XL running for the yellow bus and as soon as i got in, i found he was there, on one of the seats, with a brown-striped shirt

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