happy reading

fast reading

i can’t believe i just finished reading a 194-page book (approximately 12cm x 20cm) in less than an hour?? i think i’m just in a full energy to finish my final essay as soon as i can (!!)

lame memory (2)

just wednesday i said that the woman i met at angkot had a lame memory because she left belongings almost everywhere…it seemed that i forgot about the fact the i, myself, also have this diseas…now i just can’t remember where i had left my folder in which contained my final essay print-out that had been reviewed by my facilitator, some pages of internet source print-out, and a page of the scores of the whole class…………..Gee, what a lame memory……………..but you know what? most of people who work in architecture world are familiar of having a severe-disease-of-forgetting-things/belongings


mrs.yulia, my facilitator, looked pale today, the usual bright face was replaced by a-white-and-very–tired-look face…i told her that, then she said “i didn’t have enough sleep”




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