the departed


 either funeral or wedding…there’re always tears…but the former contains tears of sadness, regret, though sometimes a relief too…while the latter’s tears are for joy, thankfulness, and letting go….there’re always flowers too, but the smell gives a very different atmosphere, even if they’re just the same kind of flower: rose…many people come to both events to show their love, to pay respect, to assure the person that they are always there for him/her

in funeral, someone has departed and all his/her beloved ones give him/her the last service, the last respect, the last good bye…but not the last love…no, there’s no such a thing for the last love

i remember attended two unforgetable funerals back in 2004: one was my friend’s and another one was my grandfather’s…i remember one afternoon, in the middle of high school’s national final exam, a text message received: “our beloved friend has passed away today. let’s pray for him.”…i couldn’t believe what i was reading for some moments, but i know eventually that i had to let him go, i believed it must be the best for him, after his long sickness…i lost a friend that day…the funeral was held teh next morning, all of teh friends and the teachers and all his love ones were there…to farewelled him…(may God rest his soul)………and i remember one morning, my mother and my aunty woke me up and said, “grand pa has gone, wake up.”…that was the first time we had someone passed away at home…seeing my grandfather in the white linen,,,ohh i still can’t say the feelings…just, may God gives him the best place up there, amin.


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