flash back


just exactly a year ago, at exactly this time, six of us: anna,lintang,likur,irma,berli, and i were on our way by train to yogyakarta to start our work as student volunteers in RHK-AIP there. RHK was a merger of 2 australian companies that is in charge for yogyakarta post-earthquake redevelopment program. the funding organization for this program is AusAID…though the program itself is under the agreement of Australia-Indonesia Partnership (RHK)………………the 2-month unforgetable priceless experience of my whole life!….have a 500meters walk every morning going to work before 8 and have another 500meters to go back to home at evening………..going to remote areas, meet people i never imagined to meet before, attended workshops,community gathering, listening people’s complains,report things we discovered on every fieldtrip……….the ups and downs, the joys and pains,the laughs and tears….the sick times left alone at room…………God, it’s a year ago…just seems like yesterday….oh yeah, i dont forget the lady who has a little canteen but homey and delicious cookings, she’s a poor kind-hearted person…may her life is much much better now and she can free herself from his jerk husband….irma is having an idea of 6 of us having a lunch together tomorrow for remembering our memories of yogyakarta   


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