12 characters

if i had these movie characters in one class in which i was the teaching assistant, i would say…

 1. ginny weasley (from “Harry Potter”) : lb.3.2583


  “you’re probably not as excelent as hermione granger, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a talented student…in fact, you’re quite potential.”


.harry potter (from “Harry Potter”) : lb.3.125


 “don’t really count on your magic wand. sometimes, a mere barehands with an effort (to move more, think more, sacrifice more) and of course goodwill can bring a good end.”


3. johnny storm (from “Fantastic 4”): lb.2.95


            “i really don’t care about how famous you MAYBE or how busy you are with your ‘business’ out there…just do your assignment without any complain. Don’t you expect more from this class?”


4. tweety bird (from “the looney tunes”) : lb.2.9417


 “you’re cute and I know you’re quite talkative, so I think you need to be more active in the class. You’re creative thinking will always help you get away from silvester.”


 5. princess ariel (from “the Little Mermaid”) : lb.3.0333


 “although it seems that you always live under the water, I think you could survive to live on the land, if you just persevere and do not hesitate to ask for direction to someone reliable when you think you’re lost.“


6. lana lang (from “smallville”) : lb.2.65


  “behind that innocent look, I think you have a great courage and smart. Your final exam result was the best in class. So, persevere, girl.”


7. rouge (from “X-Men”) : lb.2.8


“ooh don’t get so quite and seemed solitair…i know you have a good talent, you have shown it…just need more intention in the course.”


8. garfield (from “Garfield the movie”) : lb.2.5083


            “sometimes you are amusing, sometimes you are annoying…I’ll remember for your unpredictable comments…but one thing, you should pay more attention to the class. Don’t play too much.”


9. sakuragi hanamichi (from “slam dunk”) : 2.5083


            “I don’t know you well…but I wished you can balance your passion for sport with architecture. And one more thing, about making friends in campus life with everyone: believe me, the better your social life here in campus, the easier you’ll face the next year’s studio lives.”


10. jack sparrow (from “Pirates of Carribean”) : 2.4


    “you just need to show some more intention in doing the assignment. Despite you’re indifferent look, I believe you’re actually a good person.”


11. joey tribbiani (from “friends”) :  2.425


            “you really like to do acting, I know that. But don’t try to practice it n front of me, because that’s just gonna waste your time…that won’t work for me.”


12. shino aburame (from “naruto”) : 2.0417


  “oh i don’t think i know you well, considering your close personality…i mean, how can i help you if it seems that you just try to stay away from this class? well, this is all you get…i can say no more.”



IF there’s one student i want the most to have in the class…he would definitely be Michael Scofield (from “Prison Break”)

   (grabbed from multiply)

 if only he were there…i’d say: “oh, you dont have to do the assignments, just go to the movies with me”…hahahahaha














8 thoughts on “12 characters

  1. halo kak rizky
    I just want to thank u for ur support and patient to us especially to me. I’ll remember ur advices and ur comments as the motivation for my next step. And I think u always have unpredictable creative ideas.LOL.

    hhh,welcome to archney land.
    *if u really love scofield.

  2. gw gk ngerti punya gw yg mana??? gmana dongs…
    cara nyari taunya gmana ???
    gw buka ambil bka cluenya kok msi gk nyambung yah????

  3. waaaaaaaaaaa
    gw baru ngerti hahahahah
    ampe ninggalin komen dlu 2x bru ngerti hahaha
    maap lemot ud malem ni heheheh eh ud pagi deng…
    spanyol jaya ayo kalahkan swedia…
    kak thanx ya…
    ud banyak bantu smt ini ud mau d repotin, d telp malem2 ampe yg salah ngira ngumpulin lb gara2 kirain ud d nilai heheheh
    wahhh gw gk tau ni klo gk ada kak rizky..
    msh ada aja…. nilany msh sgitu… pdhl gw ud janji ma bokap smt ini nilainya mau naik… apa lagi d ajar ma pak gun ex dosen bokap gw…
    emg bner kyknya hrus d seimbangin lg antara sports ma architectureny…biar bgus… hehehe
    thanx for the comment and critics that you gave to me and i’ll try to more open to others so that i can ask help when i need that in studio class hehe
    yeah that network is really work with me they keep helping me when i got in hard situation hiks:’-( hahaha thats all my comments

    hanamichi sakuragi

    VIVA ESPANA hahaha 😉

  4. its nice to have a teaching assistance like you…
    and its been a tough semester though, even its getting worse later on, yet this course is remarkable and..
    i can say no more…


  5. this class is unforgetable too,,,but if only Michael Scofield were there (tetep lho) it’s gonna be much much more unforgetable ^_^

  6. rizki gilaaaakkk dasarrr
    duhhh gue akan sngt merindukan looo ini ki mule bulan depan..
    tiada teman kencan nonton bioskop lagi ni hohoho

    *penjaga toko sebelah xixixieee

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