thursday already?


if there’s someone who understands very well why people are so hesitate to go to the denstist, i’ll be the one. well, i’ve been so familiar with that robotic chair, the smell of the room, the mini drills and many other scary gadgets and even the worry faces of people in the waiting room, ever since i was so much younger. of course not because one of or both of my parents is/are dentist(s) but because my life seems to be unseparable with teeth issue. i’m not proud of it, not at all (yeah of course i’m not!!),,,but the point is, you know what, even when i’m just being so familiar with those kind of things, the nervous prior to meet the dentist is still the same………………… my opinion, that’s kind of ironic since most of the dentists are female and they usually good looking and wealthy, and some of them are nice.


how can it be so difficult to find a suitable wirstwatch for my skinny wirst?   


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