out on saturday


grand indonesia is one of the malls we have here in jakarta…over all it’s just a mall, a place for jakarta people to get entertainment, spending weekends with family, to go shopping, or just hang out with some friends…according to the market target, this mall is obviously for high to upper high class society, with the shops of exclusive brands, high class restaurants and even the architectural design…what’s interesting about this mall is it has two floors that has a unique design concept which is bringing outdoor situation into indoor room…it has some kind of arcades with artificial plants and the line of restaurants at one side as if they’re each is a single building, the floor was designed as if in the park with arctificial rocks pathway and also artificial grass as edges, another interesting thing was the toilet…the toilet at 3A floor has a unique design: the concept was outdoor-japanese with bamboo and dark rock as the dominant materials used, i have to admit, it’s quite stunning…..but one thing i felt sorry was the way to reach the musholla which is a little dark and seems hidden, not really easy and comfortable to reach…the musholla itself is quite big and according to space organization and human flow, it’s good actually…the width of the room was also quite big, it has separated restroom between female and male with each has it’s own wudhu place…and both are connected straightly to the musholla in separated way, so for moslem females who wear hijab, it’s convinient enough, though one more thing, the lighting at the musholla toilet (especially at the washbasin) was so poor that women cannot put on their make up here


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