shopping shopping and shopping!


do not really rely on automated teller machine…make sure that you have enough cash to pay for the goods you buy,because even a mastercard sometimes find some error in the machine so the process will find some trouble and causes you to pay with not embarrased yourself in front of the cashier and other people queueing behind you

plastic bag

in supporting the “Stop Global Warming” campaign, we can start from ourselves, from little things and from now on……for example, use the paper both sides and reduce the use of plastic bags…if you buy just one little item in the departement store, you can tell the cashier that you’ll take that item in your own bag…or if you intend to buy so many things,pay them in the same time so it’ll use one big plastic bag instead of many little ones…….do not smirk on my writing here!! the global warming is a REALITY, stop turning your back from it. face it and make some action before it’s too late. things that happen like in the movies: “the day after tomorrow” or “the happening” can really happen in reality or (Dear God, don’t let it happen) it will in the future if we just ignore the signs

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