it’s been published, finally


i’m an architecture student, that’s a fact…my reality of life,,but i cannot move away my passion for writing. fiction, non-fiction, or journalism…i just love them. i thought my first book to be published was going to be a novel or a compilation of short stories, but who knew it’s gonna be this one: “SPA, Sarana Perawatan tubuh & Investasi Usaha” published by PUSTAKA RUMAH..actually it was already published on May, but there was a printing error causing some fonts didn’t appear and they were crucials, so it’s republished on july (NOW!!)

generally, of course it’s all about spa…from the definition, history, until design consideration and some spas from around jakarta and depok as precedents. this book is aiming for giving inspiration in design and many more aspects for those who intends to start their spa business..the book itself is only about 24cmx24cm and 96 pages thick (well it’s not thick at all!)…i wrote it together with my highschool& SUMA friend: Izza Soraya. she studies Public Health major in Nutrition. we have a very clear jobdesc in writing this book: her part was more about the history, health point of view, the treatments review…while my part was of course the interior design aspect and other articles related to design issues

am i in a relief after it’s being published? yes, of course. we had worked on it since early january until april. gee, that took the whole semester! it’s been a great experience of course! i’m so thankful for the opportunity. but am i satisfied with this book? not really…well, i don’t think i’ve reached the best yet…must be a lot more better next time…and one more thing, i cannot see my name and my friend’s name on the cover since it’s written as Redaksi RUMAH…our name are written on page 1 along with other cooperates,,it happens because when working on it our (my friend and i) position were as contributor

above all, i’m happy it’s being published. also very grateful to my God, Allah SWT….and i can say i’m proud of my self for this one achievement of my life. and i also proud of my friend for being best partner! (love ya izza…….muuaaachhh!)


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