2nd day in sydney


comparing 3 airports: changi vs cengkareng vs sydney…changi is of course the best! ever…the floorings was luxury with mat and they have skytrain to move from one to other terminal, they have free internet access, good interesting shops, and it’s just soooooooooo large………..but cengkareng vs sydney? it’s quite the same, surprisingly,,the difference was only the customs and the people, both airports aren’t that good you know


i’ve been very far far away from home…not yet homesick, but i miss my nephew farrel…i’m happy here, being in sydney,meet so many friends from other countries: mexico, cambodia, vietnam, afghanistan, chile, and of course other indonesian fellows…i’m so grateful for this PEACE Scholarship program


sydney is so cold these days, it’s winter now…and i think newcastle will be quite similar…hopefully i wont catch cold


if you think international flight such as singapore airline is a lot more better than indonesian flight, that’s not completely true…my previous flight with SQ, the landing was bad…we shook badly at the time the plane touch the land, and the stewardess spoke singlish with a bad accent, in my opinion, she spoke fast and unclear accent…i mean the information she said supposed to be important but it wont work if the pessangers just cant understand what she says


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