lovely sunny saturday


Elizabeth, socheata, lalo and i went to the beach,,,well, it’s been our 4th day here in newcastle but we hadn’t got any chance to visit the beach, so since today is a lovely day and we three meet together again for the 1st time since we’re here, we thought why don’t we go to the beach…but it was almost 5 when we got there and we stopped for some minutes at the world youth day’s stage because elizabeth and lalo were greeting their mexican fellows, so when we finally got to the beach, it’s already dark


i thought it was only Sydney that’s visited by catholic pilgirms fom all over the world for the World Youth Day, but eventually some of them also visit Newcastle before the big day come on next day…i dunno what it is but i think it’s a kind of religious event that many catholic youths coming from all over the world gather for celebrating something,,and i heard the pope is coming…just near the nobbys beach, there’s a performing stage related to this world youth day…Lalo and Elizabeth were so excited to be able to see their national flag and meet mexican people…while socheata and i just enjoying the crowd and the music


this is the Anastasi’s house, a house i’m calling home for the next maybe 4-5 months…it’s a very lovely brick house


the orientation in sydney was a very precious moment to remember…we met as strangers, spoke different languages, came from different nationalities, religions and other background…but ever since that orientation days, we have been friends


oh i just love today…newcastle is blessed with the sunny day today, it was warm, people went out for sports: cycling, jogging, walking, skateboarding, cricket, and football…i opened my room window to let the fresh air came and went and also to let the sun light came into my room…oh i could feel the sun!


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