cloudy sunday


although today was cloudy day, the dusk time was wonderful…look at the sky…i took the picture around 5.30 pm from the 2nd storey veranda

then i just remembered one time in sydney, on tuesday july8 08…i thought it was around 4.30 pm, not yet dusk actually, but almost…at the time we were just bout having a walk to darling harbour, just right after i stepped out of wake up! hostel, i looked at the central station tower and catched this amazing view…


i finally chatted with lusi, and she sent me this pictures of us in my “farewell” party at Pondok Indah Mall 2 Jakarta with my best friends, saturday july 5th 08…afternoon…yeah, we’re all there…we look beautiful, dont we?


finally, i can watch “the Incredible hulk”! although online, i’m fine..i think that’s better than never or have to pay au$17…no way! that green big creature from marvel comic, it’s incredible………but i think the 1st one is better though


my new student id…….hihihi, i dont like the photograph…here, it only took not more than 10mnts to make this id card…i blurred the number and access key for my own good…well, i’m ready for the orientation week starting tomorrow!


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