rainy in d morning,sunny in d afternoon


it was the first time since my arrival here in australia that someone said “assalamualaikum” to me. they’re malaysian girls (wore jilbab) whose name are Shui and Yana….i met them at Islamic Prayer Center at campus…it felt so good you know to be able to answer, “waalaikumsalam”


there were so many people from so many nations around the globe, most of them were exchange students like me…many of them were from US…i also saw a group of korean students…made friend with a hong kong girl named Joyce and singaporean-malay girl named Yana (and she’s a moslem!)…and the best part was when i met Mbak Dian, someone from Indonesia finally!!…and one more, an arab girl who wore jilbab, but i forgot her name…and the internationa support teams had some flags from many nations that were hung above the main entrance, lin and i paid a little attention to them and realize that they didn’t have both of our national flags…china and indonesia…(how could that be!!)


today is the beginning of the O-week (orientation week) at callaghan campus…today’s orientation was specially for international students, while tomorrow is gonna be the orientation for the whole new students attending 2nd semester…the opening was very interesting, they had an aboriginal performances with that instrument which sounds very mystical


the weather was quite freezing this morning, when i looked outside the window…oh, it’s raining! it was not raining heavily,just smooth drops from the sky that’s gonna make your coat wet and elizabeth’s hair do ruined (she was complaining about it)…so, lin and i walked to Spotlight bus stop with an open umbrella each, but lin’s is longer than mine and he couldnt put it into his coat’s pocket like i did,so he put it in his bag’s side pocket and said, “look, i feel like a ninja turtle.”


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