we took a walk downtown


i start to love this city, one of the reasons is for its old buildings…beautiful

A. i don’t know what’s the name of the building, it used to be a kind of office, but now it’s unoccupied and maybe functioned a exhibition hall or something,i’m not sure….made of brick

B. it’s theForum cbd basecamp, the Forum isvuni.of newcastle club for sports…located jus across building A

C. there’re 3 transportation: bus, train, and ferry

D. the sea!

E. out door mall, lovely…there’s Davi (or David, not sure) Jones…it’s a very famous women store here,and very expensive

F. maybe the picture is too small, but it’s a detail of upper veranda of one of the buildings in the outdoor mall area, i must find out what’s the name of this shopping center

G. & H. it’s the beginning of a series of restaurant at the harbour with beautiful view

I. just one of the old building, again..from brick

J. as you can see, market square..the outdoor shopping center


engineering faculty at uni of newcastle is located on the rearest part of the uni…have to go through the bushes to reach it,just so remind me of univ.of indonesia depok


today’s morning orientation took place at the Great Hall…all of the new students for this semester (supposed to) attended this orientation…i think it wasn’t a large number, and most of them are familiar faces, which means, they’re international student…they gathered us here to be given some information, it was quite new for me because instead of a very long series of speeches from some important people, eg. dean or higher, they made an ineteractive session after “the formal greeting” and students did ask! unlike in indonesia,,,(yeah, of course),,,after that morning orientation, we were made apart into groups, based on faculty…and architecture is in faculty of engineering and built environment, and it wasn’t many of us, rarely female, and later on…i just found out that there’re only 2 new students of architecture, an exchange studnet from UK doing his master and i…too bad this faculty was the only that had no student mentor, but poorly, particularly architecture school, there’s no one from the school was present, so there’s no one to ask to, i had to wait for about 15 mnts for the head of the school to showed up, and after a little conversation, we’re done! i was expecting there’s gonna be a kind of little tour inside the faculty, but there’s none! quite dissapointing!!


this afternoon, tina and i went for a walk to downtown which is just a few block from the house…and just two blocks away from the house, tina took me into this asian grocery…and you know what! i almost cried when i see so many spices, coconut milk, instant noodles, teh botol kotak, and other snack from indonesia…huhuhu…it’s a small grocery actually, but it sells so many food ingredients from many asian countries..i bought instant noodle for $0.50 and a box of teh botol $0.50…expensive but i missed them, so i just bought them


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