i wanna run a little project!


this buildings-made-of-bricks issue sticks in my mind and cannot leave…it’s very interesting for me, attracting…and it challenges me to do something about it and to share it with all my friends in jakarta…therefore, i start to think about making video documentary for this…so here are my plans:

>i want to record all of buildings that made of bricks in australian cities:sydney, newcastle, brisbane, hobart, melbourne, and perth (the 1st two is for sure, but the rest depends on my money)…like a trip journal, but focus on everything related to brick

>find out the answers for these questions: “why there’re so many buildings in australia made of brick?”, “anyway, what is brick actually?”, “how many types of bricks are there in australia? (because so far, i’ve seen many types, different color&shape)”, “how are they (each, at least 2 or 3) made?”

>make interviews with one of architecture lecturers at uni who is expert on this subject to get informations/ answers for those questions

>maybe, a little comparison with brick in indonesia………or maybe not, because basicly i just want to make a documentary about brick buildings in australia

to run this project, of course i need a camcorder to run this project! hopefuly i can get the cheap-but-good-value one…but i think firstly i need to ask Prof.Gun for my idea and get his feedback, hopefuly a good one too


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