animals at the blackbutt reserve


let me introduce you to australian animals…KOALA bear, they are gray hairy and cute, black nosed, quite lazy animal because they’re not agressive, stay in one spot for quite a long time, they eat leafs from a particular tree…KANGAROO, they’re 3 fingered animals, i don’t know exactly how many species they are but i could see that there’re differences among them in size color and maybe in many other things, there’s even a WALLABY, i have to say that it’s look like the result of a kangaroo’s sperm meet a giant rat’s ovum, it’s a little kangaroo and giant rat in the same time…EMU is just like a mix of kasuari bird and camel bird, it’s a little camel bird and big kasuari in the same time, and it doesn’t look friendly…WOMBAT, i thought this animal is small ones, but i got it wrong! it’s quite big, they’re nocturnal i guess and they’re kind of a buldozer in nature world, they live underground


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