dear God, please lead me the way


as a moslem, i need to perform my prayer 5 times a day: morning (before the sunrise), at noon, afternoon, after the sun set, and evening…so far, i don’t think that duty is a big burden, oppositely i realize that it is one of the ways we show our gratitude to God (not to human) and as a reminder of who we really are…i was born and grow in Jakarta, Indonesia,,a very big archipelago in which moslem people is the biggest population, so we never have anything to worry about…mosques are everywhere, mushalla (little prayer room in public buildings or places) are always provided even in a very luxurious mall or hotel, people do not stare at you because you wear hijab/jilbab/cadar…being a moslem in Indonesia is just perfect! you won’t have anything to complain about, you will always have time and proper places to perform your prayer

but now i’m here, in australia, in a country where moslem people is a minority…mosques are rarely be found, barely can hear adzan (the calling to prayer), some people will stare at you and even those nasty ones will mock you or even abuse you because you wear hijab/jilbab/cadar…no special place to perform prayer…

in university maybe you will find an islamic paryer center or a mosque or even a class provided for moslem students to perform they prayer…but time mostly is the biggest problem…in indonesia, every schedule will consider moslem prayer time, but here…don’t ever dream about it

so far, in my 1st week here, i have found some difficulties to perform my prayer, well maybe it’s just a matter of time when i can adjust myself here…but let’ssee what my religious life is gonna be for the next 6 months


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