wet wet wet



although it’s been cloudy and windy and raining since this morning (other better pics are gonna be added on the next day, hopefully it’ll be sunny), i still went out for walk to visit the site for studio project…the site is between gibson street and laman street…but i wasn’t long there, just took a walk encircling the block, got an impression about the surrounding area and then left for the Civic Park…it’s a very nice park with a big fontain on one of its sides and also flowers in colors, trees and some benches and birds…this park is located in the middle of city, in central business district, but it’s lovely…i bet it must be lovelier in a lovely day,,,i sat on one of the benches and spent some times there to have a look around…there’s a building behind the fontain, that’s something like cultural center (i forget), but i remembered “war” was the 1st word, and just across the street on the other side, there’s an old brick building with a clock tower, the City Hall with the clock banging every o’clock time, and that rounded shape building is the city council…the great thing is, this whole great place is just a few blocks from my place…


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