another wet day


yesterday i was talking about a building behind civic park fontain…today i went there and i found out that it is the newcastle region library…above the entrance written “War Memorial Cultural Center”…the ground and 1st floor is library for general knowladge…from children book to music CDs and computer facilities…2nd floor is more spesific for local history and Lovett gallery…i searched for newcastle history and found an interesting folder…so, newcastle was found by Leutenant Shortland in 1779, but officially became a city in early 1800s, see the picture of Lt. Shortland above…and in Lovett gallery, there’s been an exhibition from 6 june to 6 september (if i’m not mistaken) titled “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”…the photographs are amazing!!! some of them are even unbelievable…too bad,the photographs are framed in reflective frames so i couldnt take any picture well


the given site for studio architecture project…a small car park on Laman Street…in the middle of a very wet day, rain just on and off unpredictably, but we were there, listened to the lecturer explaining things…taking pictures, study the site, bla bla bla…then went off

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