had a walk to the city, then to the cinema at night


(picture taken from http://thedarkknight.warnerbros.com/ )

i finally watch The Dark Knight! i paid $12 at Greater Union for 2 and a half hour of a good movie? worth it. this time Christian Bale still played as Bruce Wayne while Rachel Dawe character which previously played by Katie Holmes now played by Magie Gyllenhaal…and the late Heath Ledger played so very well as Joker. he did a very good acting on it. in this movie, the Two Face has just showed up which my friend said the story of how Harvey Dent became Two Face is different from the original comic story…i couldn’t stand seeing that burned face of him…i love the thrilled and action scenes, but my most favourite was when batman hit that massive long big truck and made it turn up side down while he was on that awkward motorcycle (i think the tyres disturbing the proportion) and he bumped the wall in a very good acrobatic way to made a turn back…and as always, i love Bruce Wayne’s high tech luxurius gadgets and vehicles…from 5 stars, i give 4 for this movie, and i give 5 for Heath Ledger acting.


i went to newcastle city art gallery with Lin and Danbi (we spend this whole day together)…there’s an interesting exhibition there…i’m very sure but i think the title was Paintings from Remote communities of australia (most of them are from the nothern part of this continent)…most of them are paintings and some of them are aboriginal colorful paintings (which reminded me very much to the color-blid test), but there’s this art installation of hanging bulbs which was quite interesting


look what i saw on a garbage bin at Civic Park! that white face with red rounded nose and the red big smirk…an angry clown


just before we went down to the Civic Park from the art gallery, we saw this big tree with many hand engravings on it…and one of them was this old-style-“our-love-engraved-on-this-tree”


this is the most expensive movie ticket i’ve ever bought in my life


the fontain brought a fresh atmosphere even in this sunny-cold winter in newcastle…

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