the lecturer forgot he has a class today!


since my homestay has covered almost everything, then transportation is my first daily expense…the white ticket is a 1 hour bus ticket =$3…the blue ticket is 10 (hours) times bus ticket =$24.90 (if i’m not mistaken, yeah it’s point 90)…and another ticket is the train ticket from sydney, valid for 1 day =$18

the other thing is the stationary and other materials i need for the school, you know architecture student deals with sketches, drawings, 3D models, etc…and Dear God, they are so expensive here!

scrap papers which in my home uni (university of indonesia) are given for free, here i need to buy $0.60 each A1 size…A4 notebook which are recycle papers =$3…scrap book, which i need to be my logbook =$2pointsomething…A3 sketch book, i forgot, but it’s around $3 or $4…multipurpose glue =$4.65…white board markers, each $2.60…a box of small black clips $0.80…sticky tape =$0.80 …scissors =$2pointsomehing…and the A0 board =$3pointsomething


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