among the korean


i really dont know how could this person forgot the way to his own place (?), we got lost in North Lambton (if i’m not mistaken it’s on Turon Street) after coming back from shopping in Jesmond shopping center,,,we went around the area for about half an hour on that slope up and down street before finally we arrived safely at Binttae’s place…but i enjoyed today, being lost in a warm day and spending the nice afternoon with these nice korean people: Danbi, YeongShik, & Minttae…the two person seen in the pic were Danbi’s friends

(taken from:

then i remember about Lost, an american tv serial,,,about some survivors of Oceanic airways that flew from Sydney to Los Angeles but crashed and fell into a mysterious island…what i like from this movie is each character is shown in a descriptive way (they character, their past, their problems, how they’re connected to each other, how they’re connected to the island,etc),,,the plot of the story is go back and forth with each season has different pattern of delivering the story…….matthew fox played as jack shephard, a surgeon, who took care of everybody and turned to be the “leader” of the community,,,and also the complicated relationship among jack and kate austen and sawyer, and the mysterious john locke and people they call “the others” and also the scary monster…

being lost was not that bad you know because i had this chocolate milkshake and french fries…finally i could get them…

Danbi and i still had some fun in our walking around the area, seaching for the house where this guy Danbi called “oppa” lives


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