sooo very very tired today


Yuka knocked on my door. i opened and she said, “my mother sent me this japanese candy. what flavour do you like? strawberry, grape, peach, or orange?” i said peach. then she gave this peach flavour japanese lolly to me


mushalla is a place for moslem people to perform their prayer, in other words it is Islamic Prayer Center, it’s not a mosque, but usually just a small particular place to pray in public buildings…in uni.of newcastle callaghan campus, this is the islamic prayer center, a little building located right behind Hunter building,,,there’re rooms for moslem brother, moslem sister, each sex toilets, and other rooms,,,so far, it’s my most favourite place,i could hear someone made a call for prayer (adzan) from the moslem brothers’ room


i just know very little about korean language, read hangeul but not quite good, and not very fond of poem…but Danbi has been very kind to me by giving me this poem book by (she said) a very famous korean poem author Ryu Shi Hwa…Danbi received her post today, her mum is so kind that she bought it for me and wrapped it in a very lovely craft paper…the book title: ChiGum AlGo EeNun Gol KuT’eDo ArADoRaMyon (Now i Understand How was it to be Young)—hopefully it’s a correct translation,but less or more like that…

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