need to get rid of my boring days!


being in anastasi’s house means you never be lack of food and cakes…few days ago helen came and brought us these two-crazily-delicious-big-cakes that straightly become (almost) everybody’s favourite…i couldn’t even find a perfect word to explain how crazily-delicious this cake was, i always ate it very slowly because i don’t want it to be finished soon…mmm…danbi and i even talked about this cake on our way to uni in the bus…lin, even couldn’t hardly wait to have it after finishing his dinner…mmm…and you know what, mum maria never has only one type of cake at a time, there’re always more…the nut-white sugared cake, the dried cinnamon cake, and the yogurt cake…


what happen if there’re more than one nationalities in a home?….the answer is: you will have multinational foods!…..we have to adjust our taste with greek food, since the parents are originally greek,,but we sometimes have chinese foods, fried rice, kimchi, kimpa (korean sushi), will soon have sushi, and arabian foods…too bad i can’t cook so i can’t introduce mum maria indonesian food


put the chopped chinese cabbage into a salted water and keep it for a day, then give some chilli powder, soy sauce, fish sauce, ginger,,,and wait until the next day to serve it…it’s hot, but i like it


there’re two big refrigerators and you can always find it full of everything that can be eaten or drunk


because all of the students who live in anastasi’s house are from asia, we always have rice served on th dining table…well, that helps to make the foods a little bit feels like home


two slices of regular breads with tuna/egg/cheese+vegetables+tomato+mayonise in between…


danbi received a post from her mother several days a go and she gave mum maria a big roll of korean seaweed that we ate the other night with fried rice and kimchi…here’s the way danbi served the seaweed: she opened the one layer, brushed it with vegetable oil, poured salt on it,,,and after all layers of seaweed are oiled and salted, she burned it on a fire for each 1-2 second only…then she cut it into small rectangular shapes and put it on the table….and here’s the way we ate: take the seaweed, put half a spoon of fried rice and kimchi on to it and then roll them,,finally, enjoy it!!


these crackers, peanuts and dried fruits, plus chips were our snack prepared by mum maria for us watching the olympic 08 opening


i’m absolutely gaining weight here! dunno yet how much the rise is but i can feel it obviously,,my food portion has been getting bigger lately,,,one sandwich is no more enough for my lunch!


the seed is bigger than rice seed, usually brown in color, and more fiber than rice, it’s more common for european and american people to be the main food…mum maria introduced us to another way to eat wheat that is usually done by people in her homeland (cyprus)…the wheat: cleaned>dried>chrused…then the cooking method: fried onion and garlic in the olive oil (she said it’s the basic ingredients of most of greek foods), put noodle into it and fried them until they’re brown in colour, give salt and paper, then pour a chicken/beef/lamb soup into the fried, pour the crushed wheat in a proper amount…then boiled them and make sure the wheat is well cooked before it’s served…she told me the name of this food,but i forgot


it’s made from fermentated milk, so the taste is acid, but it doesn’t smell bad like milk…and nowadays we usually find it in various flavour…but here, mum maria always has a bucket of homemade yogurt that we can eat it with cake, the wheat food (see: wheat), fruits, and many other foods…she even made a nice yogurt cake…mmm, yummy!

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