overwork and got bugged

street art

newcastle is a small city, that’s for sure,,but this small city is very interesting

…despite there’re many abandoned buildings, here there’re many historical buildings, especially along the hunter street, one of the oldest streets in newcastle, there are many buildings that are over 100years old,,most of them are brick buildings so we can see how they’ve been aging and look at the beatiful timeless colors of their bricks

…it’s interesting for me that some spots here have art works since not many people crowding the pedestrian paths or streets,,,most of the art works, i think not for people to enjoy visual entertainment, but just to put an image or some kind of symbolization of the good old days here

…graffiiti is, i think, the most eye catching street art among the other kinds, some of them were ( i think) painted in purpose, while some other just to cheer up the gloomy abandoned buildings


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