went to wallsend fair


wallsend is one of newcastle’s suburbs that has annual fair…they close one stripe of street (it was nelson street) and they have events that goes from morning until 3 or 4 pm, depends on the weather…all along the street there many people selling so many things, from just drinks to particular food, and many other things like plants, socks, jewelries, ceramics, towels, clothes and so on…they also have performing stage on the beginning of the street where local people can perform some dance or singing…and the most favourite thing was cheap shopping in the garage sale or bargaining shop!…i could find second hand novels for only 50 cent! even danbi bought a very nice girl’s top from helen’s garage sale for only $1! and it was new from the factory, not second hand…we could also find some famous brand in very affordable price for second hand bags, shoes, purses, and many others…too bad today’s fair was closed earlier than it’d been scheduled because of newcastle’s unpredictable weather, it was a very beautiful sunny day in whole morning, started to be windy at noon, and just around 1.30 we could see black cloud approached wallsend,,,then they decided to close the fair at 3 instead of 4 pm,,,but when some people had almost done packing their things, the rain stopped and the sun appeared brightly again!…very newcastle’s weather,,like elizabeth said “you can have all 4 seasons in one day here in newcastle.”

i spent less than $10 for them all, $7 for sure…i need the belt because my old one needs to be retired pretty soon, the novels were just the-must-buy item and they’re only 50 centanyway! and the socks…i knew they’re expensive but they’re so cute…too bad there’s no pooh (my most favourite cartoon character ever),,so i bought them anyway and so far, they’re my most expensive socks ever! –guess how much were they?–


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