an exhausting week


“cad” stands for Computer Aided Design..this is a very popular tool for peoplewho study or work in design or engineering area…there’re lots of software we can use, for architectural, people must be very familiar with AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Google Skecthup, 3dsMax, Revitt, and so on…since being an architecture student, this tool is MUST TO MASTER SKILL because most of the requirement in architecture&interior design vacancies need this kind of skill……..each software is a bit different in working types and operation tools, for example Sketchup works from 3D model to 2D drawings, what i mean is with Sketchup, we work in 3D model that will automatically generate the 2D drawings like plans, view, sections, etc using sketchup is very simple and easy to understand with simple toolbars and we can render image straightly…unlike AutoCAD which works on 2D working drawings that we usually call drafting, then if we want have a 3D model we have to “extrude” the surfaces by adjusting the orbit view and so on which is very complicated and time consuming, that’s a very long way to render the 3D model because we have to export the file into another type,,for example from autocad file DWG to 3ds,,,then we have to use another software to render the 3D model,for example in Artlantis or 3dsMax,,,yeah, very exhausted…………but in australia people are more common using archiCad, which in my opinion is a bit complicated because of there’re many tools with quite complicated way to use(like 3dsMax, but not that complicated), but it’s very simple in the same time because we’re working in both 2D drawings and 3D model! PLUS detail working drawings because we don’t have to “hatch” the materials (they’re already included) and detail drawings which we can take from the original drawings and put them into separate workingsheets, rendering and publishing is just the next step, we don’t have to go to any other software…i came here with completely blank about archiCad but i have to do archiCad assignment for 4 weeks! and here come the due date…


One thought on “an exhausting week

  1. my god it is exhausting… seems like a lot of work for one person. Still dont know how we do it. In méxico we use a combination of Acad – Skp – Artlantis. at least where i live.

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