Indonesia’s National Day!

Indonesian Student Association from univ.of newcastle, univ.of technology sydney, and univ.of western sydney held a very big event yesterday for celebrating indonesia’s national day today. it’s the annual Pesta Kampung (Kampung Party), took place on UTS, where there’re so many indonesian foods and drinks stalls, band performance, traditional dancing performance, of course the indonesian people from sydney and newcastle (wow, i just realized that there are sooo many indonesian people here…and finally was introduced by mas fajar to some indonesian students from univ.of newcastle), and a special appearance of famous indonesian singers and bands: Mulan, Dewa19, and my favourite Andra and the Backbone…too bad each of them just performed one song,,,they said it’s only as a “sneak preview” of today’s concert which will be held in Sydney,,,(T_T really wanna come but assignments’ due date keep haunting me)






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