first presentation…


we had this “critique” this morning, it’s basically a presentation where we got feedback about what we have presented…in this critique, we had two reviewers, each of us had to present our design concept in about 6 minutes (1 minute brief presentation, 5 mnts more for questions&answers–feedback session)………..while many people presented their idea in a very good colorful printed A1 paper, i had only my scrap paper with my fast messy sketches, and an-at-least-i-have model made from coca cola box and sponge…but thank God, i did it quite well (i was sooo badly worry about sooo many things: my performance, my presentation tools, my english, bla bla bla),,,hufff, hopefully the next time will be much more better


in wikipedia you’ll find it is defined as a measure of the ability of a material to transmit fluids…i’m taking permeability as my design concept for architecture studio, though i must admit that unfortunately it’s not my genuine idea…i got it from the concept idea of a housing in austria, by architect manfred wolff-plottegg (you can see it at ) …so, my idea is to permeate public-private spaces (either within the house –in plan and section– or the relation among houses) and permeate sunlight to either each house within the building or the neighborhood on charles street, also to permeate the car park and the garden…all of these concept i took as a response for the site that is quite dense area (with the row of detached houses and giant bricked building of university of newcastle’s conservatorium and the atmosphere there is a bit gloomy, so i had this idea of building a small volume housing for young people on that narrow site…but i know small volume means small spaces inside it, therefore, in order to answer that issue i took this “permeability” as my design concpet for Laman Housing Assignment


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