reasearching newcastle history and inspecting houses


when i first came to newcastle, i found this city as a lovely and rich in historical buildings. well yes, it is. but there’re these things that have been disturbing my mind as an architecture student: there’re lots of buildings that are no more occupied, quite lots of vandalism, new buildings with “For Lease” stickers on its large glass window, under construction buildings that have no longer construction activity, and most of them are along the hunter street, one of the main and oldest streets in newcastle,,,but the worst thing is many beautiful old and historical public buildings are just left empty, being victims of vandalism, unrestored nor preserve,,,just being neglected…abandoned…so i see that this city has a symptom of being abandoned by its people…but the big question is WHY??…i mean, newcastle is so lovely with lovely people and has quite good potential to run business: it is located on a seashore with beatiful beaches, lots beautiful historical buildings, only 3 hours from sydney, strategic location, minimum air pollution, not very cold during winter, and so on,,,but it seems that newcastle people don’t like to run a business in newcastle…Lin once said “this place –probably– have a bad luck.” …but i don’t think so. there must be another more reasonable answer for this. firstly i thought it was because of the great flood that happened around a year ago in newcastle, but according to my father homestay, not really. some buildings on hunter street have been left behind for quite a long time before that great flood. so, my next question is, “is this a common phenomenon in a city, i mean like does it happen to other cities, or it’s a particular one in newcastle?” if it’s common, how could this happen? it’s quite weird for a city that has many potential for running a business. if it’s particular only happen in newcastle, then what were the causes?


inspecting for a share house is quite a difficult thing to do, we should be very carefully inspecting many aspects of the house: the fee, the facility, phisical aspect of the room and the house,the people who live there, the neigborhood,the agreement, etc…very thank God i had Socheata, Elizabeth, and the two singaporean very nice and kind guys Vincent and Kiev who accompinied me inspecting the houses…they’re so very helpfull…so both houses were in birmingham gardens, the first one was quite lame but the second one was very nice, about 95% i’m taking it, but i’ll wait until tomorrow’s last inspecting, also on birmingham gardens…

the inspection team, many thanks to socheata, vincent, keith, and elizabeth (who took this picture)


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