after all those sunny days,it was heavy raining again!


this last few weeks one of my friends found this problem very annoying…some hacker(s) seem(s) likely to attack computers of people in this house…i have no idea why –don’t ever ask how, because i’m absolutely not an expert–…and that hacking thing have been raising some misunderstanding among us…well, it’s an IT term which i don’t really know well about, but wikipedia has some explanation about it …what matters to me is that hacking thing has affected the relationship among us here…the feeling of unsecure, misunderstanding, guilty, confused, sad, wrong expression of caring each other,,,ooh, it’s all because that hacking thing…someone OUTTHERE has stolen one of my friends account! thankfully it is not a bank account,,because the previous incident was my other friend said his firewall poped up told him that someone was trying to hack him, but thankfully it did’t happen…it’s pretty bad and nasty! it’s a crime (sure it is) and the bad thing is we can’t go to the police (can we?) because it doesn’t happen in the “real” world, i mean sometimes the victims do not have any “phisical” prove,,but i does happen and it’s a reality

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