last day in homestay


originally from hindu religion that describe a “super human” condition that is not only about physical, but the wisdom also because avatar is believed as an incranation of God who comes to the world and take disguise into some appearance in a purpose of saving the world…….that’s the original……………but today, when we’re talking about avatar, it usually means graphic icon that is a methapore of human in virtual world……….avatar is usually used in various kinds of game on line, and one of those is the most popular (i think): the SecondLife……………and one of my courses use secondlife as a place where we have to build a home in virtual environment…it’s pretty cool actually and i enjoy it so far,,though this assignment is a 5 weeks collaborative (with thailand student in rangsit university),but it’s quite fun!

meet my avatar in secondlife: rizz genira


these are some of my photorendering images for my assignment one, with ArchiCad 11 education version


2 thoughts on “last day in homestay

  1. secondlife tuh sebenarnya game, dai…kata temen2 gw sih mirip the sims (gw gak pernah maenin ni game the simsjd gak tau)…tp di game ini qta bisa ngedesain bangunan, n bisa dijual BENERAN…bbrp arsitek bahkan naro disainnya di sini trus ntar dibeli ma orang n dibangun beneran dehh…gitu…cuma temen2 gw disini agak mmpertanyakan kepentingan game ini sbg salah satu tools utk komunikasi arsitektur, terutama mslh kolaborasi,tp gw sih fine2 ajah,,abis maen2 game sih…hihihihi

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