first day as birmingham gardens’ citizen

a short controversial conversation with a man on my way to Jesmond’s Stockland shop center

it was around 3pm i went to stockland to buy some foods and stuffs since it was gonna be my first day in my new home…then i realized that there’s a man walking right behind me in an uncomfortable distance, so i slow down my steps to let him pass me, but instead of passing me that man walked with me…at first he was quite polite

man: “So, you’re a moslem?”

me: “yes, i’m a moslem.”

man: “so what do you believe in?”

me: “Sorry??”

man: “what do you believe in? who is your God? do you believe in Jesus?”

me: “yes, i do. we do. but unlike christian, we, moslems, believe that jesus is not a God. he is a phrophet, the messenger of the God, not the son of the God nor the God Himself.” 

man (walk a bit faster and in a very high tone, yelling at me) : “He is the son of the highest God! he lived for us, he died for us!”

then he walked faster in front of me

quite shocking, but it’s part of my precious experience…


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